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NEW YORK CITY HOUSING AUTHORITY Customer Contact Center 718 707-7771 h http // JOHN B. RHEA CHAIRMAN EARL ANDREWS JR. VICE CHAIRMAN MARGARITA L PEZ MEMBER VILMA HUERTAS SECRETARY MICHAEL P. KELLY GENERAL MANAGER Dear Section 8 Tenant For use with your current annual recertification the New York City Housing Authority is pleased to provide you with a new and improved Section 8 Affidavit of Income a sample of which is provided below. NEW YORK CITY HOUSING AUTHORITY Customer...
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And I just like to quickly add to that I think our history of investment has shown that that while that hypothetical when you ask the question would you be more likely the answer is exactly what was stated in fact I think our history shows that we continue to invest here even when if you were going purely on the economics it might not make sense to do so because we want to be successful in New York and and I i I'm not aware of anything that would drive a change and that thinking that's why we do want to and I concluded my open opening remarks with this mr. chairman that's why we really do want to work and I'm sure my colleagues feel the same on our competing companies and the Association that's why we really do want to work with you we are committed to the state have been are today very proud of our investment in our employees but it would be it would go a long way if New York would catch up with the other 36 states that are ahead of the curve we're behind the curve and we need to catch up that we do look forward to rolling up our sleeves and working with both of you to help the state do just that frontier and cable telecom you've been very quiet I was chatting with someone from frontier last week indicated a great interest in the new New York broadband initiative indicated possibility of maybe partake Maureen's testimony ended with some profound words however new york state should take care not to fund duplicative overbuild that will reduce the return on investment for the providers that are utilizing private capital to extend service throughout the state I guess the question obviously the questions for two of you would a company like frontier consider moving into an area already served to compete and secondly was that just an offhand comment Maureen or is that a profound and sincere concern of your association based perhaps upon something that's missing in the broadband guidelines first of all I think that you know that the goal is to solve the immediate problem which is universal service and to make sure that everyone in the state has the availability of the services that they need and to solve that problem first but in terms of the the program itself it is very important that there isn't a perception that once in bed once folks have invested in the state that government is going to come in and create more competitors that then are perhaps needed in a particular area and essentially erode the investment that the companies have made I I think your your hypothetical was actually pretty profound your your hypothetical about you know if you have a high cost eight and you have a low cost day it was my question to verizon now I understand but I'm kind of making the same point and and that is that you have to have an environment for investment in New York because this is not a static technology it's not a static level of demand it is a growing level of demand it is evolving technology and and companies that are national companies or at least...